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ESG_VC is a response by the venture capital industry to the urgent social, environmental and economic challenges that are increasingly impacting early-stage businesses.

The initiative, which has brought together some of the world’s leading VC firms, with investors spanning the UK, USA and Europe, seeks to give entrepreneurs the tools to progress on their ESG journey.

It does this in three ways: a measurement framework for early-stage companies to benchmark their ESG performance; an annual programme of events to provide start-ups with training and best-practice to achieve their ESG goals; and a bank of insights and resources to learn more about ESG.

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ESG_VC is led by a steering group of funds and industry bodies. It is supported by partners across the venture capital ecosystem, and more than 100 member firms across the UK, US and Europe. If you would like to learn more then please get in touch.

Steering Group

Ecosystem Partners


ESG_VC has developed a venture-ready ESG measurement framework, which asks early-stage companies to answer 48 measures against ESG objectives.

Designed to provide an entry to ESG scoring, the framework can be easily implemented from Seed to Growth stage, across companies spanning B2B and B2C sectors, resulting in a tangible ESG score and a list of key areas to address to improve ESG performance.

To access the framework, please register using the form below and we’ll send through a copy along with instructions on how to get started with your benchmarking.

Using the ESG_VC Measurement Framework

Resources and Events

To help companies achieve their ESG goals and progress against the metrics of our measurement framework, the members of ESG_VC provide resources and training to entrepreneurs.

You can find these resources, which span measuring your carbon footprint through to developing a parental leave policy for start-ups, on our Notion page. You will also find our calendar of events for the year there.

Social Value Portal

Social Value Portal worked alongside the ESG_VC steering group to design the ESG_VC Measurement Framework.

Social value frameworks provide investors with the ability to track the sustainability performance of a company across a number of ‘Outcomes’ and ‘Measures’. This helps investors to work with their portfolio to improve performance during an investment, leaving companies, their communities and the world in a better place through venture capital.

At Social Value Portal, this is all we do – social value measurement, management and reporting. We are the expert leaders in this space, and we can support private equity and venture capital investors to go even further to create robust sustainability strategies or complement existing approaches.

For more information, please contact info@socialvalueportal.com.